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The Avenues Nursery with Kids Club has several policies and procedures in place to ensure that the safety and well

being of your child is met at all times. These policies are available on request from the nursery or to download.

We are also open to any suggestions or comments you may have on each policy.


Here is a list of all our policies;


Behaviour Management -  this provides guidelines and procedures to follow for practitioners when dealing with behavioral problems


Camera & IPAD Policy


Child Protection Policy – this explains the procedures for ensuring the safety, welfare and protection of children within the nursery.  Including the procedure to follow if there are concerns about abuse or neglect


Complaints – this provides information on how to submit a complaint about any aspect of the care, education or the nursery environment


Confidentiality Policy – this emphasises the need for confidentiality within the nursery and the procedures to follow when sharing information.


Equal Opportunities – this highlights the nurseries drive to be an inclusive environment, supporting the needs of all   children and parents who access the nursery


Fire Safety Risk Assessment


Head Lice – this explains the nurseries procedure on dealing with head lice.


Health and Safety – this explains the guidelines and procedures in place at the nursery to    ensure that the building is safe and secure and meets the requirements related to supervision of children, risk assessment, first aid, food hygiene, fire safety and security of the building


Intercom Safety


Lost Children – this includes guidance for dealing with lost children within the nursery


Medication – this explains the procedures for administering medication to children


Mobile Phone and Social Networking


No Smoking Policy


Parental Involvement – this explains how parent/practitioner relationships are actively encouraged and why


Personal Development and Training – this emphasises the need for practitioners to ensure that knowledge, skills and abilities reflect the needs of the children attending the nursery


Recruitment and selection procedures


Shared Care Policy


Special Educational Needs – this describes the role of the practitioners in supporting children with additional needs and the procedures to follow if there are concerns about a child’s learning and development


Strictly no smoking within the building or on the nursery grounds


Transition and management of change procedures


Uncollected Children – this provides information for practitioners on what to do if a child is not collected at the end of the day and parents cannot be contacted

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