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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The Early Years Foundation Stage (or EYFS for short) is a curriculum framework designed for children aged between the ages of 0-5 years.  The EYFS focuses on play based learning to help your child learn vital skills and knowledge needed for when they go to school.


Each child within the nursery will have their own key worker who will provided appropriate activities and learning experiences which are individual to each child.


The nursery practitioners will observe and assess your child’s learning so that they can make sure appropriate next steps are made to support your child further.  Every 4 months your child will come home with a collection of observations for you to look through and to add you comments.  Please do not feel as if you have to write lots, a simple sentence on each observation is fine.  You will also be given a few other sheets to fill in which will help practitioners to develop links between home and nursery.


We would be grateful if these could be filled in and returned to nursery as soon as possible.

Parents are welcome to view their child's file and speak to their key worker at any time.  Please speak to your child’s key worker to arrange a suitable time for yourself and your child’s key worker.


Guide to codes used:


PSE - Personal, social and emotional development.

This includes developing a positive sense of themselves, respecting other people, and social skills.


CL - Communication and language.

This includes developing communication skills, early reading and early writing skills.


PD - Physical development.

This includes gaining control over their bodies when moving and recognising how to be healthy.


M - Maths (Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy).

This includes developing counting skills, recognising shapes and solving simple problems.


L - Literacy

This includes enjoying rhymes and stories, mark making, explanation of marks made and forming letters to make words


UTW - Understanding the World.

This includes exploring the world around them, exploring ICT and creating models with blocks and boxes.


EAD - Expressive arts and design.

This includes recognising colours, making music and pretend play.


  0–11 months

  8-20 months

16-26 months

22-36 months

30-50 months

40-60 months


The above represents the stage your child is currently at.  Children develop at their own speed and are sometimes working in a different stage to their age.  Sometimes they may be at a stage which is younger than their age and sometimes they may be at a stage which is older than their age.  This is normal, but if you are concerned then please feel free to speak to your child’s key worker.

The nursery practitioner's complete observations on the children using Tapestry online learning journal.


Our tapestry website address is http://tapestryjournal.com/s/the-avenues-nursery-with-kids-club

Tapestry online learning journal's allow parents to view their child's learning journal at home and add their own observations for their child's key worker to see. This promotes partnerships between parents and creates an open network for practitioners and parents to share information on the children's learning and development.


Parent's must complete a consent form before they are allowed access to their child's online journal to safeguard children and to promote confidentiality.

Please click HERE to download the consent form



The pre-school children have made links with Rose Villa Care Home on Pearson Avenue.  The children visit the residents once per month to sing songs, play music and dance with the help of Rock-A-Tots.  This is thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and also the residents within the care home and it is lovely to see the reaction's of the residents when the children come to visit.


If you would like to see photos of the visits or for your child to take part in the visits then please complete the consent form and return if you have not already done so.


You can either download the form HERE or ask the nursery.

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