Pre School Room


Age from 3 to 4 years


Pre School Room


Age from 3 to 4 years


We now have two preschool rooms located on the first floor of the building.  They are large, spacious rooms which provide a calm but stimulating environment for children to explore and learn in.


We extended preschool to two rooms in 2016. Both preschool rooms provide the same themed activities, which link to monthly topics. But each room provides individual planning to meet the needs of the children in that room.

Both rooms operate a key group system to develop strong child/practitioner relationships and to ensure that activities and learning experiences reflect the needs of the children within the room.


Parents are actively encouraged to take part in their children's learning and development through home link books, home learning and workshop sessions and are encouraged to share their knowledge of their child with their key worker.


The room is divided into different sections to ensure that children are given the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed when moving to primary school.


These include;

-A home and dressing up corner with small wooden kitchen toys, plastic food and baby dolls and plenty of clothes where the children can engage in fantasy and role play

-A sand and water area where the kids can get messy

-A mark making area to develop pre-writing skills

-An ICT area, including children's digital camera, microphone and a interactive white board so that the children can learn about the role of technology in the world around them

-A maths area where children can learn about number, shapes and develop problem solving skills

-A story corner where children can explore written language and develop investigative skills and early science skills.  This area is also quiet corner with cushions and curtains to close for extra peace and quiet when needed.

-Play dough, which allows children to develop their manipulation skills and also to encourage model making skills

-A construction area where children can develop their awareness of how things can be connected together to build and balance

-A Design and make area where children can be creative through painting and collage activities.



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