Baby & Toddler Room


Age from 6 weeks to 24 months


Baby & Toddler Room


Age from 6 weeks to 24 months


We have two baby/toddler rooms available which are adaptable to the individual needs of the children.

The baby/toddler rooms are registered to offer places to babies from 6 weeks old to 2 years.

On visiting the nursery you will be introduced to the baby/toddler room practitioners who will provide an opportunity for you to discuss your child's routine, health needs and any special requirements they may have.


All children are offered a free trial session before attending the nursery where you can support your child in settling into the nursery. This will also give you a chance to share information about your child with the practitioners.


The practitioners will also offer a chance to discuss the Early Years Foundation Stage and how it will be used to support your child's learning and development.


Once your child is in the nursery you are welcome to pop in at any time to visit or to feed.


A daily diary will be kept to provide you with information on your child's day at nursery. This will include feeds, sleep times and other important information. The baby/toddler rooms have a good variety of interesting and stimulating toys and activities for the babies and toddlers with a selection of cots, bouncer chairs, cushions and foldable beds for quiet or sleep times.


The high staff to baby ratio (1 practitioner : 3 babies) means that each baby gets lots of individual attention throughout the day.

Baby/toddler room places are strictly limited, so early booking is recommended. There is a minimum booking requirement of 2 full days for the baby room.


As the children get older there will be opportunities for the children to play in our second baby/toddler room which provides activities and learning experiences which are individual to each child.

This encourages the development of the child in areas such as personal and social skills, language development, mobility, self help and confidence as well as many other important parts of the child’s learning and development process.


Both rooms are equipped with a good range of toys which are positioned at the child's height in order to support the development of independence and sharing skills.


Practitioners work together to ensure that the environment is fun and stimulating and meets the needs of all children within the rooms. The experience and knowledge of the practitioners ensures that all children are nurtured and are supported as they emerge from babyhood.



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